Jedi Counsel Podcast Episode 102 - Sharing Psychology with the Public with Dr. Ali Mattu


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We spoke to Dr. Ali Mattu, who is a licensed clinical psychologist in New York City. In addition to treating individuals with anxiety and related disorders, he also does an admirable job of sharing accurate mental health information with the public. He does this through his YouTube channel on The Psych Show, through his blog on the psychology of science fiction (Brain Knows Better), and through co-hosting a weekly podcast (GT Radio). We spoke to Ali about how he got interested in clinical psychology, what it’s been like sharing his personal mental health stories with the public, and how he embraces his identity as a geek in his work. Ali also talked to us about what The Simpsons character, Apu, meant to him growing up and about media representation. We concluded with discussion of Ali’s future projects. We hope you enjoy listening to this episode – we had a lot of fun recording it!

Check out more of Dr. Ali Mattu’s work at his website: and on Twitter: @AliMattu.


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Such a great conversation! I especially appreciated what Ali had to say about telling stories about our scars rather than our wounds.


Thank you so much for listening! We’re very glad you enjoyed the conversation. I loved that advice from Dr. Mattu also!