S1 E3 About Serious Bubble


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Episode 3 of Gian, Kat, and Marc being seriously silly. The discussion of developmental milestones continues in this episode as well as some CRAZY INTENSE SPOILERS! ****SPOILER WARNING**** Steven attempts to make friends and displays some appropriate social development for the first time since the beginning with meeting Connie. A brief discussion of adolescent developmental milestones is had.

APOLOGIES: Gian loses connection towards the end of the episode. If you have any questions you can reach us on our twitter.

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Just listened to episodes 2 and 3! I loved y’alls points about growing up and packing (I also want a Mr Queasy doll! lol), and attachment. Kat, I liked your theory about it being Rose protecting Steven when he makes the rosebubble around Connie. I always just thought it was another example of Steven’s emotions (in this case, fear and protectiveness) being the main catalyst for all of his powers. But I like your ‘helicopter parent’ theory about Rose. And I agree, Marc, it’s bananas how good those kids are at swimming and not being crushed by underwater pressure! Gian, I laughed at you comparing cat fingers to cancer growths. The creepy overwhelming growth part at the end of the episode is actually a reference to Akira (1988)! Some of the Crewniverse are big anime nerds <3


YES! I thought of the same!