Science Fiction: The Future Is Anime

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Josué brings up the topic of Science Fiction and Gian discovers how much he loves science fiction. Each of them takes turns talking about their favorite science fiction animes and why they love the concepts that they present. Gian begins with a mention of his favorite Slice-of-Life Sci-Fi anime and Josue talks about his love for anime that deals in the interface between humans and technology and the degree to which we see that blending process. They continue talking about Science fiction that both build worlds out of simple rules and science fiction that performs a single fascinating thought experiment.

Talking Points: Science Fiction, Technology, Time Travel, Empathy, Pain, AI, Digital Consciousness, Transhumanism, Connection with Technology, Political Fiction, Slice-Of-Life, Mecha, Psychology, MMOs, Schools, Genetics, Science

Anime Mentioned: Orange, Kiznaiver, Ghost In The Shell, Psycho-Pass, Space Brothers, Neon Genesis Evangelion, .Hack//, Assassination Classroom, Planets, Gundam, Bofuri, Dr. Stone, Naausica, Blue Gender

Non-Anime Mentions: Avengers: Endgame, .Hack// Video game trilogies, Kaijuu

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