The Concept of Pain

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Gian starts this round wanting to talk about how pain is represented conceptually in anime. He draws inspiration from Kiznaiver, an anime in which kids are forcibly connected by physical and emotional pain. Josue presents Bofuri an anime about a girl who makes herself impervious to pain in a virtual reality massively multiplayer online game. They talk about how Bofuri serves as a good reference point for conversations about tolerance and growth. Gian brings the topic of how shared pain or shared trauma can both bring us together an bring us apart. Then they talk about the representation of pain and illness in anime and the subjectivity of pain.

Talking Points: Pain, Tolerance, Resilience, Growth, Sickness, Pain scales, Subjective Pain experiences, medical treatment of pain, pain neuroscience, nearsightedness, illness.

Anime Mentioned: My Hero Academia, Kiznaiver, Bofuri, Dr. Stone, Samurai Champloo, Cells at Work.

Non-anime Mentions: Trauma Center: Under the Knife, Lifesigns: Surgical Unit (The more accurate Surgery DS game)

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